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About Classic Pencils

Earn by staking.

We all know from 19th of September 2022 Ethereum Mining will shut down and PoS (Proof of Staking) will Start as a result our mining Graphics Cards and Asics will no longer be useful to mine Ethereum, so we are launching NFT staking where every Common NFT Will be worth 0.005 ETH, Uncommon Will be worth 0.008 ETH, Rare will be worth 0.01 ETH and Legendary will be worth 0.02 ETH. When you start staking Ethereum You will earn Ethereum instead of mining.

Our Story

When we heard about the Ethereum staking concept, me and my team got excited to convert this opportunity into a earning source my Developers and marketing team ended up with concept of staking NFT's, where Staking is earning. 

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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