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What is Classic Pencils?

Classic Pencils is a fun way to earn Ethereum by staking the NFT. Also you can gift them to your close ones in which your beloved ones can have and earn profits.


What is the story behind Classic Pencils?

Classic Pencils was introduced when the NEWS of Proof of Stake to earn Ethereum was announced. Not all of us are capable of investing 32 ETH that’s a huge amount in todays date. So we came up with an Idea that you actually earn by staking ETH, which happens to be a NFT too. That means you can sell it at high price later. Which can give you two types of income that is to sell the NFT or to earn from NFT.

How many NFTs will be available at Presale and Public Sale?

There will be 5000 Whitelist slots available. The entire supply of 10,000 will be mintable during the Presale. But that will be the Phase 1 of our NFT there are more to come and of course the Previous whitelist members can get some more profit in next phase. So don’t waste your time and be the part of this Big Community.

What are the different Classic Pencils types?

There will be 4 base model different types:

  • Legendary.

  • Rare.

  • Uncommon.

  • Common.


Who is The Team?

The Classic Pencils team is an elite collective of different kinds of people from different industries that have come together to create an impact for the greater good of the NFT community.


The Founders

Production 1 is a team of top tier artists, entrepreneurs, blockchain enthusiasts, video game developers, and marketing experts who have all come together to create everlasting magic in the Web3 blockchain and video game development space.


How Do I Invite?


1. Go to the top of the channels menu and press INVITE MEMBERS

2. Click the  icon to access the link settings.

3. On the Expire After option, set your link to No Limit

4. Click Create Link

5. Tap new link to copy it, now you can share your new Personalized Invite Link



1. Click the drop down menu by the side of the server name on the banner


3. Click Edit invite link at the bottom of the window

4. On the Expire After option, click NEVER on the drop down menu

5. Click Generate new link

6. Copy and share your new Personalized Invite Link


What is $CP?

As of now $CP will be ERC-20 and will be able to be swapped for ETH. (Since partnering with HBAR this may change, more details TBA) This is a very important process and our reward system will continuously be updated as we get closer to the official release of $CP along with the official video.

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